Thursday, July 9, 2015


The latest official word just came in from president Keith Patton: 

MONDAY JULY 13 Apple Creek Road will be CLOSED from Chris and Helen's house @ 221 Apple Creek Road on up from 8:30AM through 5:00PM

It is imperative that no residents try to negotiate the road and drive around the ongoing work, so please plan ahead to leave early if you must, and delay re-entry until late afternoon.  Everyone's cooperation is appreciated, in advance. A significant amount of needed paving will be done, and the weather is looking most cooperative so we can get it done in the one day.

If you have any questions, please contact Keith or any other board member.


Sunday, July 5, 2015


Passing along information from president Keith Patton:

If you have driven out and/or into ACA recently, you have noticed a white SUV sitting on the side at our entrance.  Parking on the grassy areas on the side just downhill of the entrance is acceptable, but NOT in the entrance as it presently sits.  It apparently has no connection with the house on the uphill edge of our entrance, so says the Haywood County Sheriff's Office.

Someone noticed a blue car picked up the person/people in the white SUV and proceeded somewhere up into ACA (which as you know is ultimately a dead end no matter where you go).  The sheriff office has urged us to have the car towed at the owner's expense, but we'd like to know who's it is so we can let them know to move it ASAP.  Posting this notice just in case someone will soon read this and know of this situation or a blue car, before it will get towed if nothing soon happens.

Thanks in advance for anyone's help.


Friday, July 3, 2015


(An update from Keith Patton:)

After checking weekend weather forecasts and consulting with our paving contractor we have determined that there is no chance of having a dry road On Monday 7/6. With this being the case our paving date has been moved to Monday 7/13.

Happy July 4th to everyone!  Have a fun and safe holiday weekend.


Monday, June 29, 2015


View from the end of Staymon Road last month
The following note is from our president Keith Patton per the upcoming paving on Apple Creek Road.  As you may remember, we got locked out of any paving in 2014 due to consistent weather delays and then the calendar as the plant shut down late fall.  All that to say a good chunk of paving will be done this year, from 211 Apple Creek and above in various places.

The best paving job I've seen here was in that time, the HOA requested there be no traffic trying to go around the paving crew, as it helps prematurely break down the paved edges. It worked very very well for what was a limited inconvenience for residents.  For this large amount of paving, the board is requesting drivers to plan ahead around the upcoming work, knowing the road will be closed most of one day.

(From Keith Patton)
The tentative dates for our paving work are July 6 or 7. Due to the extensive amount of work to be done we can expect a long road closure on one of these days. The closure will be from 211 Apple Creek Rd. up. I will be in contact as this plan solidifies.

Please check back here as I'll be posting information ASAP when I hear further details.  Weather will be the only but potentially big player, FYI.


Monday, June 8, 2015


(Posting this to all ACA owners, a message from our President Keith Patton -  Bob)

I know everyone is wanting to know about the delay in getting our road work done. On Friday 6/5, WNC Paving, whom we had contracted with to grade and pack our side roads, failed to show up for the fourth time they had scheduled to do the work. They have been notified that we are moving on to the next lowest bidding company to do our work. I will let you know of the new schedule for road work. 

Thanks for your patience,

Monday, June 1, 2015


ACA President Keith Patton asked me to pass along the following information.  It is time once again to start thinking about next year's ACA Board.  Anyone who is interested in serving on the 5 person nominating committee, or as a member of the new board, please contact Keith directly.

Throwing in our rain for the past two months (recorded at the end of Staymon):

APRIL    6.36"
MAY      3.11"


Thursday, May 7, 2015



(From Keith Patton, President ACAHOA)

1. The ACAHA has taken legal action against the 5 property owners delinquent in their association dues.

2. The contractor is scheduled to begin work on the side roads within the next 2 weeks.

3. Paving work will follow completion of the work on side roads.

4. Many of the association ditches and culverts have been cleared by volunteers with part of the work being hired out. If you would like to help please contact a board member.