Friday, February 27, 2015


Keep in mind that with 3 successive snow events in barely over a week, the roads are narrower in some places.  Too, mailboxes and posts may be greatly covered, and it is the HOMEOWNER'S responsibility to keep the postal box clear for delivery.  

If you don't know Donna, you should....she is the main person at the helm for our USPS delivery, and she does a bang up job.  Help her make her job easier by keeping your mail box cleared for easy delivery.  

YAY for the sun I'm seeing as I type and the above freezing temps for some more melting.  This, too, shall pass....


Thursday, February 26, 2015


President Keith Patton wrote last night that the plowing crew will be here when they can get here today.  Travel today may not be possible in ACA.
End of Staymon ~3800'

Very happy Pine Siskins and Goldfinches!
I have 8.0" of new snow here at the end of Staymon, so on the high side.  But an interesting storm overall for the Carolinas as some places looking for 8-12" got 1" before it turned to sleet and rain.  Ouch.  Small changes in storm tracks can make for big result changes.

I'll use this page for posting updated info and pics.  If you revisit this page later, you may need to hit the refresh button to pick up the changes.

*Here is an updated snow report from the NWS...only one place had more than we got, apparently....HERE


Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Yay for the warmer Tuesday afternoon temps to help with road melting and drying out after our plowing.  The next snow maker is poised to our SW to come right up the Carolina coast tonight and be a big snow producer....but the big question is, "Who gets the dumping?"  Unless that low changes course to the west some, it's not ACA.

While close to us, the 7-12" should set up shop south and east of ACA, closer to the eastern Blue Ridge escarpment and Foothills N/W of I-85 in SC/NC.  My models have been solid now for several runs, one 4-5" the other 5-7" (except for the 1am run today: 6-8").  I'm posting the graphic of the latter mainly because it shows that heavier banding E/SE of ACA....I think it best represents what is expected to take place.
NAM run 1am Wednesday (click to enlarge)

TIMING:  Warning in effect from 4pm today through 7a Thursday.  It's a done deal by daybreak. Snow was originally going to get heavy around 8-9p, but that may happen a bit earlier, by late afternoon.  I'll be playing it by 'eye' as I'll be out and about then.

AMOUNTS:  Going to hold ACA in a 4-6" total, which is plenty, but not as heavy as others will get. (7pm update...above 3500' may go 6-8"). Of course, with our elevations from 2800' to 4000',  there could be higher amounts higher up.  Too, temps won't be that far below freezing, so the snow will be wetter, which always increases that chance some may loose power.  I do think someone in the Carolinas will pick up 12", so will be curious to see where the heavy banding sets up shop.

Should the low track a tad west, we get more.  Should it track a tad east, we get a little less.  Thankfully we don't have arctic temps plowing in behind this like we had last week. So batten down the hatches as Snow-Mageddon (NOT!) descends upon us.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Pics from the end of Staymon (click to enlarge)

UPDATE @9:15am - Got word from Keith Patton that the plow is on its way to ACA.  :-)

Just over 4" so far and 21 degrees at the end of Staymon.  A picturesque snow, this one, and light and powdery.  Sure beats the ice and sleet that mixed in the last one.

ACA is in a Winter Storm Warning through 4pm today, with accumulations around 4", but highs have warmed above forecast (34 at 11:55a, yay!), and breezy conditions later.  But wait....

ACA is also under a Winter Storm Watch from 6pm Wednesday through 6am Thursday.  No amounts forecast yet by the NWS, but it has the makings of a snow bigger than this one.  The NAM is pushing 10" for ACA but the GFS is just around 5", as of last night's runs.

For now, I'll use this page for any road updates, pictures, etc. 


Monday, February 23, 2015


The Winter Weather Advisory in place for ACA this morning is for black ice concerns...and my driveway had a thin ice glaze before 6am.  30 degrees as I type here at the end of Staymon, so please use caution on our roads because at this moment I have no idea the extent of ice and temperatures.

The weather stays chilly and unsettled for a few days, and though temps will make for a wintry mix at times today, it's light and not a big concern.  However, tonight into early Tuesday, the NWS may hoist another advisory for 1-2" of snow.  My models are in agreement, one being 0.5-2" and the other 2-3".  Though they cover a total over days, the best chances are for this period.

Some of you may have discovered first hand now next to impossible it is to pull a slope in pure slush, which we had on side roads here yesterday as temps hit 50 and above.  I was one of the fortunate early on to make it up the steep assault on the lower half of Staymon, but that was on the fourth try in 4-low.  At least the slush has hardened or soon will.  :-)


Friday, February 20, 2015


I found it heartening to wake up and find our Winter Storm Watch downgraded to a Winter Weather Advisory.  The low pressure system bringing us this wintry mix early is tracking well to our west and northwest...the only reason we're talking Advisory even is because we're stinkin' cold this morning, minus 5 here at the end of Staymon.  Had only 7 for a high yesterday here, but milder air is coming soon, so here's what to expect.

The best chances for any precipitation are after midnight tonight, and should be mostly snow, But sleet mixes in and the net idea is that as Saturday rolls on it slowly switches to all rain.  Stays rain well into Sunday, too, with temps above freezing, the warmest being Sunday afternoon hopefully in the 40s.  Any new accumulations wash away, though snow washes before ice.  My two models at this time have now pulled back to 0-1".  The Advisory calls for 1-3", but not feeling that, myself, not with mine both going bottom category.

So that's good news in my book. HOWEVER...another shot of cold air comes in late Sunday....from then into Monday we may be in another Advisory for lightly accumulating snow.  But let's get past the next 24-36 hours first.  Rain and warmer temps will be our friend in this upcoming event,  I'm already enjoying the thought of hot water in my kitchen sink, just like Linn D wrote about a couple of days ago.  :-)


Thursday, February 19, 2015


Passing this along from President Keith Patton:

The paved road will be resalted again today. They are going to attempt to scrape side roads but expect limited results with the ice pack frozen into the ground. It is what it is. Please, "No salt on gravel roads". I expect little improvement before the weekend and urge everyone to stay off the road if possible. 


I'll be posting a weather update sometime on Friday, as we may go under another advisory if not a watch/warning for snow/sleet.  I need to make a run to town and if I do, I'll report on the road up to Staymon, but I think we all know to not venture out unless necessary.  I have various brands of salt and traction mixtures, but the Morton Salt brand (Walmart) good to minus 15 is doing well on my driveway tire tracks I had to re-salt a short bit ago.  Winds stayed up a good bit of the night, which helped to limit this morning's low to minus 4.