Wednesday, July 9, 2014


(This is in response to a comment on the prior post concerning the recent clearing related to the power line right of ways in Apple Creek.  Explore the link provided below to find any answers to questions you may have.  Any concerns or complaints need to be sent to Duke Energy as we have no say so in any of this.  Standard practice, at least here in NC.)

As I understand it, in NC Duke has the right to clear any right of way for all power line transmissions, to a distance that meets their safety standards, on anyone's property.  They do some limited clean-up, but most smaller branches and such  are left behind; in the case of emergency clearings, property owners are responsible for the clean-up.

HERE is a link to a Duke Energy FAQ page that should answer most of your questions.   Frequently Asked Questions -Duke Energy

If you still have questions or concerns, you need to contact Duke Energy directly as Apple Creek has no say so whatsoever about this operation.


Saturday, July 5, 2014


Well, kinda sorta.  Most of you have seen the Asplundh tree crews on Apple Creek Road this past week, and may well see them some next week.  These are crews contracted by Duke Energy to clear the power line right of ways, and they've been working all around the greater Junaluska area.  I would assume they are not done as there are a couple of work signs face down in the weeds, so just a potential heads up for next week.


Monday, June 30, 2014


Sunrise color late June
Crepuscular rays 1
Crepuscular rays 2

These pics were taken last week...'crepuscular' is your 50-cent word of the day.  The middle shot was especially interesting in that the rays all fused in a solid shaft for maybe 1 minute before splitting up, all this after an early morning of some light but steady rain.
I had the opportunity to talk with Irene (of The Big House) earlier today, and she wanted to express her thanks for the outpouring of monetary support for helping to keep up the entrance with flowers and plants.  Especially, she wanted to thank Chris and Helen for their donation of hostas fresh off their property...the entrance is something some may take for granted, but know that Irene and Judy, with the gifts from others, make it look so very lovely, all on their own volition and nickel.  A great big "thank you!" to all who had a part.  :-)

Friday, May 30, 2014


Note to self: bring the bird feeders in at night.  

     Last night, only about 7 feet from the bedroom window stood a rather large black bear that I struck up a conversation with.  No matter the din of three dogs barking madly at lawnmower-level decibels, it just stood there and looked at me as I talked with it.  I'm not adept at sexing bears at O'dark-thirty, so I'll pick the male version....I know enough to never call anything that's female 'big' or 'huge'.  :-)  That bear easily would tip the scales at 250#.  After it ambled off the deck at one gear higher than a 3-toed sloth, I set out my game camera, figuring it would return for that which it hadn't already destroyed.  FYI, the camera lens was roughly 45" above the deck, so even seeing only the south-bound end of a north-bound bruin, you can see he had some bulk.

Thursday morning I was treated to a brief sun spike before sunrise, with the upper level clouds just right.  Click to enlarge any pic, as always.                       - Bob
5-28-14 Dawn with sun spike

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Sunrise May 26, 2014 (click to enlarge)
The mountain is lush right now, and as I type a good steady shower is helping to make it more so.  HOA president Keith Patton wanted me to pass long the following information, which may well answer questions some of you have. Bob

1. The N.C. Department of Transportation # is 828-456-5633. This is who we all need to call to get action on the Mauney Cove Road potholes, as well as vegetation that sticks out over the edge of the road. 

2. We are in the early stages of planning our annual meeting. Anyone interested in serving on the Board next year should contact a current Board member (see list below).

3.We need volunteers to assist with weed eating and leaf blowing the road. Anyone willing to help should call a current Board member, or just take the initiative and go cut a section on your own.  (I plan on getting the double hairpins in a day or two, once I get my weedeater up and running - bob).

4. The Board has zero authority in enforcing the Apple Creek Road speed limit. We suggest that a phone call to the speeder is the appropriate action. Many may not be aware that speeders causing accidents or property damage can be held liable in a Civil Court. 15 MPH is the maximum safe speed for our road.

Here are the current board members and phone numbers, a good thing to copy and have on hand:

Keith Patton 456-8895
David Stiles 989-2708
Marilyn Herbert 456-6954
Jerry Tate 456-3367

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Got an early AM report from the Rose household of a very large adult black bear that visited there last night close to midnight, tearing down their main porch bird feeder.  Subsequently, I discovered this morning a deck feeder of mine purely missing, with the heavy metal bracket greatly bent and down on the ground 12 feet below.  A short while ago, got a call from Doyle Love above me that a large bear has hit him twice in the past couple of days, last night just short of 3am, bending a large metal pipe/pole with feeders on it.

All that to say, hey, we know we have bears up here...and they're back.  So take whatever precautions you wish to minimize potential damage from their investigations.  This explains why I've slept so little the past couple of nights thanks to my youngest pup going bonkers in the middle of the night...

Lovin' this warmer weather...hope you are too. 
(Click pic below to enlarge)

Early May sunrise from the end of Staymon Road


Thursday, May 8, 2014


(Passing along this information from our HOA president Keith Patton)

Custom Paving has it's grader and roller out treating our side roads today.  While hard rains can certainly take their toll on these roads over time, there is no worse culprit than speeding and spinning wheels on gravel.  Road degradation greatly increases when people drive too fast and kick up gravel.  Let's each do our part to ensure the quality of our side roads remain as good as possible for as long as possible.
Case in point for me and my goony-golf driveway....larger UPS trucks try to take the tight upper turn and feel their tires they gun it and then get even less traction, truly burning rubber and standing still.  I learned long ago to go much slower, not faster, and voila the tires will grip, not squeal, and job accomplished.  Thanks to all those traveling our side roads for easing up on the accelerator.