Monday, October 13, 2014


From Tuesday AM through late Tuesday PM, we are in a zone of an expected 2-3" of rain, which will probably fall in two strong periods of rainfall, daybreak and after darkfall.  Winds will pick up as well, and power outages may become a possibility in the PM hours, but our ACA track record for power restoration is a really good one should that occur.  All that to say it'll be a gloppy 24 hours here, for sure.  I hate to see so many leaves falling before good color sets in, but such is the nature of our weather.

Speaking of weather, we have been anxiously awaiting decent weather so ACA can get our paving and grading done before the regional asphalt plant closes down for the winter.  Had the weather cooperated, that could have been right now, but clearly all that has been delayed.  When there is official word on the impending work, I'll post here, and you will also see signs posted at the entrance to the same effect.

A belated thanks as always to Irene and Judy for their festive handiwork at the ACA entrance....all done on their time and nickel, so feel free to speak to them and offer to defray their costs.  Every time I pull in I feel like I am coming home...  :-)

While the weather was nice last week, I made two short forays on the Blue Ridge Parkway from Balsam north past Highway 215 to 276.  Posting a few pics for your viewing pleasure (click to enlarge).  Interesting to note the number of coves at lower elevations with bright colors when higher areas had not yet turned.  We truly live in an incredible area with much to be thankful for!


Friday, September 19, 2014


(Posting the following message from Keith Patton.  Our Community Watch is only as good as our weakest observer as we travel in and out and around Apple Creek Acres.  Convey ANY suspicious cars, people, activity to the Haywood County Sheriff's Office @ 828-452-6666 with as much detail as possible.   Bob)


I just wanted to let everyone know that earlier this morning I saw 3 young Hispanic males parked in the driveway next door. When they saw me they jumped into a small dark colored car and took off. I called the property owner and she said they had no business there. They left too quickly for me to get a tag. Probably be a good idea to post so everyone can be aware.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014


(Keith Patton wanted me to pass this along...the paving devil is in the details as it relates to weather and a backlog for everybody 'round these parts.   Bob)


I have talked with the paving contractor this morning. (Custom Paving was the low bid again). Due to the wet and extremely humid weather they are 4 weeks behind. Our paved road MUST be dry for this work to be done (gravel roads will be done at the same time) so lets hope for an extended dry/less humid spell.  We save a lot of money by having the gravel road work done at the same time of paving, hence their being done simultaneously.


Saturday, September 13, 2014


(These are the annual meeting minutes just forwarded 
to me to post.  If you have any questions, it's best if you 
would address any board member directly as this is more 
of a notice board.   Bob)                                      

                                  ANNUAL MEETING
                                         AUGUST 23, 2014

Meeting was held at Haywood county Library in Auditorium at 10:00


A quorum was established: there were 71 votes with 10 homeowners  present and  additional proxies.  Keith Patton nominated Doyle Love to chair the meeting and was seconded, voted on and approved.  The minutes from 2013 meeting were read by Marilyn Herbert and  Doyle Love made two amendments to the wording and Laura Palmer made the one that reported her name as Linda instead of Laura. It was nominated by Doyle, seconded by Laura voted on and was passed.


It was presented by Keith Patton. It was decided at a previous board meeting to keep costs down by sending the minutes and road assessments at the same time to keep mailing costs down; therefore, utilizing the web site that Bob Childs so graciously set up for the association. It was posted in May of 2014 on web site to ask for volunteers to help clean right-of-ways. Custom Paving is waiting for dry weather to pave worst sections of the road.  $20,000.00 is being spent on maintenance.  Frank Moskas and Laura Cabe raised the question on snow removal policy. It was discussed on preventative salt distribution before a heavy snow, however, it was brought up that it only works above 27 degrees and the contractor only comes when it has quit snowing.  It was brought up that that is the situation we have by living on the northern side, the windy road and high altitude.  Again David Stiles commented on the associations by-laws drawn up by an incompetent lawyer and the association suffers.  We all need to help when we can and keep our right-of-ways clean and cleared.  It was also mentioned to thank Judy Butler and Irene Jackson for their work in the beautification of the Apple Creek entrance.  It was also brought to attention that Burnt Fork was getting muddy from all the rain and Keith said that the contractor said that it did not need any gravel, but he would check it again when the paving company was able to work.  The President’s Report was moved, seconded and approved.


Jerry Tate gave the treasurer’s report and handed out to everyone present a copy of it.  As of July31,2014 the association has a balance of $23,906.88.  Frank Moskas commented on board saving on mailing costs and legal fees.  It was moved to accept the report, seconded, voted on and passed.


David Stiles gave a report on liens.  It was commented on what a great job he did –it was time consuming and tedious.  He has been in contact with association’s lawyer, Mr. Bill Cannon.  Mr. Cannon commented on N.C. becoming more anti-HOA .  David agreed to stay on as VP to continue to follow up on filing liens.  With liens on 6-7 homeowner’s properties it is a waiting process until they sell or we get a collection agency.  Owen  asked if these liens were worth the money and time of what was to be collected and it was shown to be of value.  The report was moved , seconded , voted on and accepted.


Laura Palmer was elected to head up a nominating committee with the help of three others.  They called numerous persons with no one willing to serve on the board.  Therefore, the four previous board members agreed to accept serving again.  Also, Norman Jacobs agreed to serve on the board.  It was voted on for five members to serve and passed.  Laura also motioned to have $200.00 accepted as the forgiveness on serving.  It was seconded, voted on and passed.


Laura presented the four previous officers and the five being Norman Jacobs.  There were no motions from the floor; therefore, it was moved by Laura to close the nominations, then seconded and approved.  Those serving are:

Keith Patton/President

David Stiles/ VP

Marilyn Herbert/ Secretary

Jerry Tate/ Treasurer

Norman Jacobs/ VP of Special Projects and to help where needed.






Laura suggested to update the map that Chris Martin had previously made.  The board was going to try to construct a new updated one.  Again was suggested to utilize the Apple Creek web site. Again that is


Marilyn Herbert/ secretary

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Just wanted to put out a 'heads up' for the big annual paving work in Apple Creek which is on the books to be done soon.  There is one catch in all of this, though: the weather.  Road surfaces have to be thoroughly dry, and if you've been on the mountain of late you know it's been (and currently is) rather unsettled and showery.

Keith Patton and the board will be putting up signs (and keeping in touch with me)  to let you know when you can expect the work to be done, which will necessarily include road closure in certain areas for a few hours.  No way around that, but we'll all do our best to keep you informed when this will happen.  Unfortunately, there is no 'date' to be given well in advance, so pay attention to any signage you see, and when I get any updates I'll post it here, as well.

As an aside, when I receive the minutes from the annual HOA meeting, I will post them here. 

For your viewing pleasure if you've not been up here lately, a couple of pre-dawn shots from the end of Staymon Road.  Click to enlarge.   :-)



Monday, August 11, 2014


It's been brought to my attention that coyotes have been not only active in ACA but making more brazen daylight appearances around homes here.  One such encounter was on Dawen Circle not too long after lunch.  A couple of weeks ago, a pack was in a yip-howl either on Tanneyhill or doggone close to Doyle Love's house above me around 10a.

Coyotes have been and will continue to be part of our environment here, but they are not just a night time threat to our pets or really anyone out and about in the woods.  Please be aware of this.

And don't forget your proxies if you can't make the August 23 meeting in person.  :-)   Too, over the past 4 days or so I measured 2.12" of rain.  Nice to see some sun today!


Thursday, August 7, 2014


(Passing along the following from Keith Patton, ACAHA president...)

As previously posted, the ACAHA Annual Meeting is slated for Saturday August 23.  In order to have a quorum, 64 lot owners need to be represented...and you get represented either by showing up in person, giving your proxy to another lot owner, or assigning your proxy to an owner of choice.  Hand yours to your neighbor if they're going to the meeting, or to a board member, your choice. It's VERY important that proxies be returned/assigned by those not able to attend the meeting. Thank you for your help in this matter.