Friday, January 19, 2018


Good morning, everybody.  I'll be heading all the way down from Staymon Road around 8:30am, and once I'm at school I'll post my road notes in the comments below.  Again, thanks to all who add their reports in as this is very helpful.

While today will be a good melting day, we are still dealing with a basically white road for a lot of Apple Creek Road.  At 5am it was 30 degrees, and now at 7 its 27...far from a deep freeze, so hopefully what salt was put out has been working overnight.

Take it slow and low.


Thursday, January 18, 2018


I'll be trying to head down Apple Creek Road from Staymon shortly.  Had a low of 3 before midnight, but just got into double digits.  All sun today, and highs in town should go a little above freezing.  Refreeze the next couple of nights, but highs will be getting much warmer as we head into the weekend...and none too soon.

School wi-fi flags Blogger, but I'll try and at least post in the comments section below my experience.  Thanks for all that do post road's extremely helpful to those needing to travel down or up the mountain.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018


As I type, the plower/salter is on the mountain getting Apple Creek Road as well as the side roads.  We are done with it's just a temperature game.  Thanks to Jeff Hintzman, et al, for their road work this winter!



Snow has exceeded models as I have at least 3.5 inches at 630am.  Our advisory has been extended until noon, and thankfully the school system called a 'no-day' so I don't feel pressure to get off the mountain today.

While we're used to this, the eastern 2/3 of NC is bracing for multiple inches as well, which is a far bigger deal to them.  Temperatures will be bitter today...I'm at 13 as I type, and highs at least here at the end of Staymon won't see 20 today.  Tonight's lows should be single digits, but the high might hit 32 for some of us.  Friday sees a definite improvement in afternoon highs, and the warming continues into the weekend and beyond.  For now.

If/when I get word on plowing/salting I'll probably start a new post.  For now, the Green Mountain Blueberry Coffee is tasting mighty fine....


Tuesday, January 16, 2018


ACA is under a Winter Weather Advisory for elevations above 3500 feet, effective from noon today through 7am Wednesday.  The advisory calls for between 1 and 3 inches, though ACA will most likely hold to around an inch, maybe 2. My two favored models hold us at an inch. What salt is down should help as there is no rain ahead of the snow.

Temperatures should go above freezing for most of us today, and then downright plummet tonight through Thursday morning.  There will be no snow melting unless the salt causes it, and many have discovered how tricky Apple Creek Road is in wintry conditions.  After a low approaching single digits tomorrow morning, highs probably won't get out of the teens Wednesday, with Thursday morning lows back to single digits, most likely.  

Good news is the cold won't hang around nearly as long, with a warming spell in place fully this weekend.


Sunday, January 14, 2018


Looking uphill on Apple Creek Road @ Staymon
Looking downhill on Apple Creek Road @ Staymon
This morning's HEAVY depositional frost on a container
I had taken outside and accidentally left

After a low of 7 this morning (with THE heaviest deposition frost I've seen in many years) and a high currently of 26, I just drove down to the end of Staymon at Apple Creek Road to check conditions.  The problem is not getting many reports by email or phone about conditions (thanks, Connie and Chris!), so I can only speak about this location.  Lower down the road is more clear per Chris Martin, but up here the pictures speak for themselves.

If I had to get down, I know I could, going slowly in un-used snow.  The tire tracks I checked were solid ice, best to be avoided.  Thankfully Monday is a holiday, so the pressure for some of us to have to try and go down is lessened.

Highs should get above 32 for some of us Monday, but Tuesday is another incoming chance for light accumulating snow and even more bitterly cold temps moving in, albeit for a shorter timeframe.  More on that later


Saturday, January 13, 2018


Apologies for not getting this out last of those days.  I've got just a tad under an inch of snow, but underneath it is a crusty icy layer.  Truth be told, I found it a bit grippy as I worked a little on the driveway, but I weigh far less than my 6400 pound SUV.  I'm a ways from Apple Creek Road, so I'll rely on any reports anyone has to offer as to passability this morning.

Picked up 1.78 inches of rain before it switched over, which removed the salt left on the road/driveway.  Temperatures will be below freezing for a few days, with a chance for some of us to go above 32 degrees Monday, which thankfully is a holiday for most of us.

But that's not all.  Another system will move in later Tuesday into Wednesday, but it will be coming from the northwest, not a southern system.  Should we get accumulating snow from it (expected, but light), it will be in the 1-3 inch category.  Models want to lay down 3 inches from Charlotte to Greensboro to Raleigh, so eyes watching that.

The bummer of Tuesday's incoming system is another rock-bottom drop in temperatures, with a low Thursday morning in ACA back down into single digits.  Luckily, temps start to rebound by Friday.