Tuesday, November 3, 2015


THU afternoon 10/29/15, from end of Staymon

First, a big thank you to our 'good Samaritans' that took it upon themselves to blow the leaves off the road last weekend....we've had so many leaves come down, and such wet weather that made for ultra slick conditions, so it has helped in traction and also widening the road so we can see how far we can take our tires over to the side. Kudos!!!

The polar jet stream is being oh so kind for now, and possibly for the whole month.  Any wintry blasts are basically staying west and northwest, well away from us.  58 degrees this morning, in early November, is crazy...but the way things are going right now.

Feel free to go read my second to last blog post about my most recent bear issue.  It's a small world, really.  "What goes around comes around".   From out of nowhere came conversations to me from Cruso and Canton way...about a 247 pound bear killed in Apple Creek recently.  All I'm going to say is I know full well who did it and when, and why, but what's done is done, even if illegally.  Premeditated, so I was told.  That bear is gone for good, and I'm not okay with that, regardless of any issues I had myself. The gunshot heard was the real deal. That video I posted of the bear is from its last few hours on terra firma....

UPDATE:  When I posted this last evening, little did I anticipate yet another bear, but one started to walk onto the deck at 1am.  I didn't get a good look at it as the barking had it shrink quickly into the shadows...all that to wonder if there were two all along or if this is a passerby?  Dunno.  To end on a positive note, thanks to those that work to improve life here on the mountain, board and otherwise.  Winter isn't far away, and we all know how much fun wintry road issues can be...my winter discussion will be posted in several days as I've been busy of late.  Stay tuned!


Monday, October 26, 2015

ACA Drone Footage

Sharon and Adam Baron wanted to share some beautiful drone footage that in part includes ACA in all of its fall splendor - Check it out HERE!


Sunday, October 25, 2015

My New Best Friend?...

 11:30pm 10-24-15

Happy Fall, y'all.  Seasons are changing, though not by temperature standards.  In the past couple of weeks, there have been a lot of inversions with 6am temps in the low 50s at the end of Staymon but mid 30's in the valleys.  55 as I type, in fact. Nice color here and there, and leaves falling left and right...and myriad visits by my new best friend.

The past year I've identified three different bears that have paid me visits overnight, sometimes several times a night.  Everyone asks me if I've give them names, but I just refer to them much like Goldilocks did: Papa bear, Mama bear, and Baby (more like Yearling) Bear. Haven't seen the massive Papa Bear in about 9 months, and about 3 months since I've seen sizeable Mama Bear. Above is the youngest and smallest of my bears, and just since last Sunday has come to (and sometimes on) my deck eight times, but only at night.  He knows from experience I keep bird seed in a rather large, locked storage shed, now booby-trapped with noise-making items should it venture that far given the din of barking dogs inside.

It means no harm, and I've gotten to where I like this fellow, gal, whatever. I'm not about to sex it.  Yes, uninterrupted sleep will be scarce until hibernation/aestivation sets in...and next spring, I'm guessing (hoping?) I'll be saying hello once again.  It is bear season, now, and well before sunrise there was what sounded like a distant gunshot somewhere toward Hall Top.  I will hope it was just a warning shot, if that's what it was.

Last night, I didn't bellow at it.  I just poked my head out of the door and as I talked to it in a normal voice, it turned around and faced me at my gate.  We just looked at each other a bit, very peacefully. Then, it turned its head and slowly slipped into the darkenss of the mountainside.  I vow that I'll be prepared to play one of my flutes for it one night and see how that goes.  :-)

Pretty good rain chances moving in tonight and hanging around through Wednesday.  Haven't had measurable precipitation for the past 12 days, which contrasted with the 10+ inches we had in the 2 weeks prior to that.  Lots of winter predictions are out, and I'll post something on that later next week.  For now, let's enjoy the above-average temperatures before they go on hiatus.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015


One last hurrah of a shower came through around 730pm last evening, but around 7pm a most unusual snippet of a rainbow popped through an isolated shaft of light and lit the area up orange as seen from the end of Staymon (click to enlarge).

Here in Haywood the rains were more limited during the October 1 - October 4 window that the National Weather Service was using for storm totals in the region. I measured 3.47" for those days. Our rains were more long-running and better measured in the September 25 - October 5 range where I measured 10.73".

CLICK HERE to see the official tallies from the Charleston, SC NWS office...highest in Charleston County proper, over 2 feet of rain in 4 days.   Ugh....


Saturday, October 3, 2015


In a nutshell, Hurricane Joaquin models have continued a more northeasterly movement, to the point that the heavy rain threat here in the mountains is pulling back. It's a royal mess, and will continue to be, in the Piedmont and points east in the Carolinas, but Joaquin's water input into our coastal low is reduced for us here in western NC.  We still have one soggy weekend on tap, and rain totals will still measure a few inches, but I am relieved by what I saw last night and am seeing this morning.

There is a high wind warning as well for higher elevations...and it has nothing to do with Joaquin.  The pressure differential between a Canadian high and our coastal low will create windy conditions, but even that looks to affect more the mountains NNE of Asheville, not Haywood except the Parkway area and highest peaks.  Any good stiff gusts could topple weak trees in our soggy soils, but, as I said earlier, original threats here are much lower this morning than previous models hinted at.  I'll take that as a very good bit of news.


Friday, October 2, 2015


Poor Grand Bahama Banks...a Category 4 hurricane is bad enough, but to have one sit over you for days has to be devastating, The latest models keep Joaquin offshore with no landfall, a trend now for 36 hours. 
(click on any image to enlarge it)


But our rain concerns aren't about a landfall...it's a triple play that is in place atmospherically which is going to make a bad situation worse.  The thunderstorms we had Wednesday were due to a cold front that ended up stalling just off the coast, and is now backing in slightly as a stationary front.  At the GA-FL border is a fairly strong upper level low sitting on that front, a low that will ever so slowly creep up the coast.  That set-up alone is reason enough for a lot of rain here.  Add to that Joaquin spinning northward later today with that counter-clockwise spin, as it will be feeding copious moisture into the flow around that coastal low, exacerbating the situation.

And even THAT in itself would be enough of a horrible mess.  Add to that all the rain we've had in the past week: 4.37" as of Thursday morning, with 1.67" falling Wednesday afternoon at my house at the end of Staymon...now we throw in super-saturated soils and breezier conditions, which can bring weaker trees down and possibly drop power lines.  Oy vey...

While it will be far heavier amounts east of us, latest models still have us in a 7-10" rainfall today through Monday.  I worry about rockslides in the I-40 gorge for sure, and Maggie has plenty of history with mudslides.

If I get any interesting data or unusual updates, I'll post them here.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015


(Here is the new board and contact information, followed by the upcoming budget.  If you have any questions about anything, please contact one of those listed.   Bob)


President- Owen Fulghum
Vice President - Linda Hughes
Vice President in Charge of Roads-  
Jeff Hintzman
Secretary- Fay Grant
Treasurer- Tom Batchelor
Keith Patton has agreed to help Jeff with decisions concerning our roads during the year.
We appreciate his help in doing this.

BUDGET for Apple Creek Acres Homeowners Association - 2016

Note: As of 8/19/15 the Association had a fund balance of $7,074.28. There are projected expenses of $3000.28 for the remainder of the year. There is a carry over to reduce next year’s assessment in the amount of $4,074.00.

Projected Expenses:
Main Road Repair $21,799.00*
Side Roads 4000.00
Snow Removal/Salt 7000.00
Sub Total $32,799.00

Legal $1000.00
Mailing 100.00
Office Supplies 100.00
Bank Fees 75.00
Reimbursement 1000.00
Insurance 750.00 (general liability coverage for protecting ACAHA at large)
Sub Total $3025.00
Total Expenses: $35,824.00

Income: $31,750.00 2016 Assessment of $250.00 x 127 lots
4,074.00 Carry over from 2015
Total Funds: $35,824.00 for all expenses related to ACAHA road repair and maintenance

*Includes $5,000.00 for needed replacement of first under-road culvert past entrance gate
Note: This budget is a projection of planned expenses. Unplanned events may require the revision of the budget.