Saturday, March 28, 2015


19 degrees and 1" of very fluffy, non-icy snow this morning.  In fact, water equivalent was only 0.04", so very little moisture.  I easily swept off the stairs to non-icy wood, and could not feel iciness on the driveway which had only a dusting collected in spots.  Heading out shortly and don't anticipate any problems.  Another freeze warning for tonight with lows back down into the teens, then we'll start warming back up, thankfully.


Friday, March 27, 2015


Around midnight tonight we may get a skiff of snow...models have ACA in the 0-1" range, with the NAM having 2" close by.  Just doesn't look like a lot of moisture once the colder air gets here.

Lows Saturday and Sunday will be cold enough to do a whammy on some buds and early flowers.  Low 20s Saturday and upper teens Sunday are not welcome temps for tender vegetation.  However, temps do start rebounding soon enough so we'll be back to the business watching the greening of our mountainsides.

Nice color after a March sunset

Sunday, March 8, 2015


We're never "out of the woods" in ACA in early March, but at least incoming inclement weather is liquid this week.  The only problem is, it's every day even through the weekend, though by Sunday chances are down to 30%.

There is a very small window around 7am Monday that any rain falling may be wet snow, but roads will NOT be an issue.  Gorgeous warm temps today, and lows only around freezing at coldest (if that) will prevent any travel issues...other than that, we're well above freezing and all liquid all week.

2-2.5" of rain are likely over the week ahead.  No biggee there as it's off and on the whole period, but I know here at the end of Staymon the gravel road becomes a quagmire with excess liquid, so will enjoy the Boot Scootin' Boogie for a flat stretch as my buggy waffles in the mire.  :-)


Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Originally, I wasn't going to post anything as it seemed ACA wouldn't really be affected. However, the NWS at GSP has ACA in a Winter Weather Advisory from 6am through 6pm today, Thursday. 

They are calling for rapidly falling temps and precipitation which could start rain, go to freezing rain, and even switch over to some snow and sleet, in the 1-3" range.  I don't see that much (if any) here in ACA (my models still say 0-1"), but closer to the TN border it's plausible.

With that said, it's 56 degrees here at the end of Staymon as I type just before 6am, so even if wintry stuff falls later today, we have warm roads, hence little to no concern for slippery driving.  It'll be colder for a couple of days, but this, too, shall pass.


Friday, February 27, 2015


Keep in mind that with 3 successive snow events in barely over a week, the roads are narrower in some places.  Too, mailboxes and posts may be greatly covered, and it is the HOMEOWNER'S responsibility to keep the postal box clear for delivery.  

If you don't know Donna, you should....she is the main person at the helm for our USPS delivery, and she does a bang up job.  Help her make her job easier by keeping your mail box cleared for easy delivery.  

YAY for the sun I'm seeing as I type and the above freezing temps for some more melting.  This, too, shall pass....


Thursday, February 26, 2015


President Keith Patton wrote last night that the plowing crew will be here when they can get here today.  Travel today may not be possible in ACA.
End of Staymon ~3800'

Very happy Pine Siskins and Goldfinches!
I have 8.0" of new snow here at the end of Staymon, so on the high side.  But an interesting storm overall for the Carolinas as some places looking for 8-12" got 1" before it turned to sleet and rain.  Ouch.  Small changes in storm tracks can make for big result changes.

I'll use this page for posting updated info and pics.  If you revisit this page later, you may need to hit the refresh button to pick up the changes.

*Here is an updated snow report from the NWS...only one place had more than we got, apparently....HERE


Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Yay for the warmer Tuesday afternoon temps to help with road melting and drying out after our plowing.  The next snow maker is poised to our SW to come right up the Carolina coast tonight and be a big snow producer....but the big question is, "Who gets the dumping?"  Unless that low changes course to the west some, it's not ACA.

While close to us, the 7-12" should set up shop south and east of ACA, closer to the eastern Blue Ridge escarpment and Foothills N/W of I-85 in SC/NC.  My models have been solid now for several runs, one 4-5" the other 5-7" (except for the 1am run today: 6-8").  I'm posting the graphic of the latter mainly because it shows that heavier banding E/SE of ACA....I think it best represents what is expected to take place.
NAM run 1am Wednesday (click to enlarge)

TIMING:  Warning in effect from 4pm today through 7a Thursday.  It's a done deal by daybreak. Snow was originally going to get heavy around 8-9p, but that may happen a bit earlier, by late afternoon.  I'll be playing it by 'eye' as I'll be out and about then.

AMOUNTS:  Going to hold ACA in a 4-6" total, which is plenty, but not as heavy as others will get. (7pm update...above 3500' may go 6-8"). Of course, with our elevations from 2800' to 4000',  there could be higher amounts higher up.  Too, temps won't be that far below freezing, so the snow will be wetter, which always increases that chance some may loose power.  I do think someone in the Carolinas will pick up 12", so will be curious to see where the heavy banding sets up shop.

Should the low track a tad west, we get more.  Should it track a tad east, we get a little less.  Thankfully we don't have arctic temps plowing in behind this like we had last week. So batten down the hatches as Snow-Mageddon (NOT!) descends upon us.