Thursday, January 29, 2015


As we know it takes very little ice, sleet, or snow to make travel on Apple Creek Road a problem above the blue roof house.  Luckily we've dodged storms with big amounts to deal with, instead, dealing with piddly stuff for the most part....but piddly can cause trouble in ACA.

Overnight, bands of snow should hit the TN border from the NW, with gusty winds building.  While the 1-3" concern is for areas within 10 miles of the border (not ACA), with strong NW winds they could blow in some lightly accumulating snow here.  % chances are limited, and we did have a 'warm' day, so not anticipating road troubles.  With that said, Friday will be a very cold day, with highs may not even reach 32 degrees in some locations, and Saturday morning lows in the low teens.  I'll be up early Friday morning and if need be will post more info.

Just like last weekend, another cold front will be coming in late on Sunday and bring precipitation that should start out as a rain-snow mix that night.  As the wee hours of morning wear on, temps should support mostly snow into Monday.  Amounts will be small just like our last mini-event, but we may well have school delays as a result, and a slippery Apple Creek Road.  I'll post a follow-up to this most likely Sunday afternoon.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015


The light snow would not give up the ghost last night, bringing the snow to about 1/2" depth here at the end of Staymon.  Salt was put down on Apple Creek Road yesterday, but looking at my 14 degrees on the deck, the temperature is far below the effective working range of the salt.  Conditions will improve later today, but ASSUME APPLE CREEK ROAD IS SLICK AND DANGEROUS WHERE THERE IS SNOW THIS MORNING.

Linn mentioned last night the snow line was just above the blue roof/3500' level, so not sure how things are toward the entrance.  I salted my driveway 2 days ago but will be going out shortly to clear it one way or the other.  Please use utmost caution if you have to travel Apple Creek Road, or at least the upper half, this morning.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Keith Patton made a couple of passes and found some snow covered and very icy, dangerous spots...he has ordered Apple Creek Road be treated which will obviously help matters, seeing as how we're in the ice box for a while, temperature-wise.  He advises those that don't have to travel to please wait until the road is treated.



We haven't even gotten 1/4" of snow, but it is 23 degrees at the end of Staymon and 25 degrees at the entrance...whatever fell has stuck, no melting.  Apple Creek Road is white all the way down, as is Mauney Cove.

Got a road report from Staymon Down...said no slipping  with AWD Subaru Outback, but anyone driving down needs to take it slow on the curves and steeper sections.  Not all vehicles handle the same, of course.  A couple of cars had already been out and about.

A school system delay was turned into a closure today as side roads are white, though not as icy as I found things yesterday morning.

Temps not going up much today, and eventually any snow showers should lessen as the afternoon progresses.  Goodly amounts falling right on the TN border peaks,. but nothing heavy getting too far into NC.


Monday, January 26, 2015


Updating my 6:20am post: note comment late last night on prior post from Linn about icy driveway.  Thermometer temp doesn't necessarily tell the whole story, so check your surfaces regardless.

It's only 33 here at the end of Staymon, with enough light snow to dust everything.  Quite cold air is forecast to move in, but is slow in doing so this morning.  I went out to find the deck and steps icy, as well as the driveway....all ice.  Salted the driveway and will get a road report soon per Apple Creek Road.  Assume it is dangerously slick as well. 

Haywood County Schools are on a 3-hour delay this morning.

Our Winter Weather Advisory has been extended to 4pm today.  Light accumulations are still expected, mainly above 3500'.  Not looking for temps to rise today, and quite cold for a few days.  Winds will also be picking up later today.

Can't dig up too many reports around the region, but I'll be passing along pertinent info and data.  Stuck at home as my buggy is in the shop...wheeee.  


Sunday, January 25, 2015


Starting at midnight, A Winter Weather Advisory will be in effect until 12 noon Monday.  The advisory is calling for 2-4" for the whole event, which could stretch through Tuesday night.  However, the best shot at accumulation for ACA should come during the advisory period.  We've been above freezing, but much colder air is blowing in behind tonight's front and it won't take too long to start covering roads.  Onset probably won't get cranking until after midnight.

Both of my favored models have ACA in just the 1-2" category, but the 3-5" range on those models is very close by, so need to play it loose.  Our upper elevations in ACA will get more snow, of course.  Highs Monday may well not hit 32 degrees, with teens moving in tomorrow night.  While temps will moderate by midweek, colder air comes back in to end the week.  In short: get ready for weather more typical of January in the mountains.

The bullseye locations are The Smokies, per usual, and also towards I-26 at the TN border and NE up to the Roan Highlands.  Those areas could go 5-8" by the time the NW flow event shuts off.

I'll be up early to report, and anticipating at the very least a delay for the Haywood Schools.


Friday, January 23, 2015


It's been 36, now 35 degrees this AM with only light rain and some sleet at times here at the end of Staymon.  Looks like we should fare the morning fine insofar as roads go, and again roads are relatively warm. Even if it turns wintry early this AM, it goes back to rain soon enough. May get slick Saturday morning with a little bit of snow.